My Roots! ... In Sound Design and Game Production

Tommy Emmanuel - Initiation (live performance)

I was very into creating wild guitar feedback loops in high school and found myself continually saving up for effects pedals. That was, until I heard Tommy Emmanuel play an extended version of 'Initiation' at a Bluegrass festival which led to me saving for an acoustic-electric guitar so that I could re-create the percussive sounds drenched in reverb and delay.

I also became interested in making zombie movies with friends and found that most of my time was spent developing sound effects for the videos. πŸ§ŸπŸ”Š

A radio DJ speaking into a studio microphone
Hosting Kiwi Classics Live at KJHK 90.7

I brought these interests to university and further explored film making, audio production, and took on a role producing and hosting a weekly live FM & Web radio program. While majoring in environmental science, this chapter of my life immersed me in a world filled with lush soundscapes in nature and exciting creative possibilities.

I transitioned careers to audio production for games & interactive sound design, supported by a master's degree and a strong background in scientific research and nonprofit management. Spearheading the development of statewide programming, and directing project resources for 8 years provided me with an incredible depth of experience and fortitude in project management. I cherish my diverse experiences as they serve as both a catalyst for elevating my design work and as a versatile toolkit for creative problem-solving.

My first touchstones in game development were found in the vibrant Use Map Settings community for "Starcraft: Brood War", followed by the custom games community for "Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne". I have fond memories of contributing to "Monster Ranchers", balancing "Army vs Aliens/Bathroom Wars", and contributing to hero arenas.

After participating in numerous Game Jams during 2020, I co-led a studio called Glazed Games which focused on building a collective portfolio game project with an international team of aspiring developers. Shortly after this, I began supporting the Beyond Skyrim with audio, and accepted my first game audio contracts. In 2023, after further finding my feet, adapting my skills, and developing my voice in game production, I co-founded and began directing a studio called Dream Matter Labs (current).

You can always find me tinkering away on some hobby audio project - This year (2024), I am building my first commercial audio library 'Extreme Gardening' as a collaboration with a local non-profit; and, Inspired by William Basinski, I'm experimenting with analog tape-loops!βš™οΈπŸ–­

Ultimately, I love Audio Production & Interactive Sound Design because I get to bring life to picture and games. Supporting storytelling through the creation of incredible audio environments is what it’s all about for me

My Resume.

In my daily life, I enjoy field recording whenever time permits. It allows me to get out and listen to nature, hunt for distinctive sounds, and keeps me actively building my audio library. I try to keep a recorder with me at all times, just in case I come across something interesting - It happens more often than you might think!