My Roots!

Tommy Emmanuel - Initiation (live performance)

In high school, I was very into creating wild guitar feedback loops and found myself continually saving up for guitar effects pedals. That was, until I heard Tommy Emmanuel play an extended version of 'Initiation' at a Bluegrass festival which led to me saving for an acoustic-electric guitar so that I could re-create the percussive sounds drenched in reverb and delay.

I also became interested in making zombie movies with friends and found that most of my time was spent developing sound effects for the videos. 🧟🔊

A radio DJ speaking into a studio microphone
Hosting Kiwi Classics Live at KJHK 90.7

I brought these interests to university and further explored film making, audio production, and took on a role producing and hosting a weekly live FM & Web radio program. While majoring in environmental science, this chapter of my life immersed me in a world filled with lush soundscapes in nature and exciting creative possibilities.

Now with a master's degree and a strong background in research, I bring a harmonious blend of scientific rigor and artistic finesse to sound design. My diverse experiences serve as both a catalyst for elevating my design work and a versatile toolkit for creative problem-solving.

Ultimately, I love Sound Design because I get to bring life to picture and games and support storytelling through audio - that's what it is all about for me.

My Resume.

In my daily life, I enjoy field recording whenever time permits. It allows me to get out and listen to nature, hunt for distinctive sounds, and keeps me actively building my audio library. I try to keep a recorder with me at all times, just in case I come across something interesting - It happens more often than you might think!