My goal is for this blog to function as a link between various sound design, synthesizer, and art communities.

Audio Gung Fu is written as a nonlinear series of journal entries to share resources with the audio community, to tighten up my workflow, and to reflect on my explorations into niches of the audio world. It is one part research log and one part art analysis with a healthy dose of sonic experimentation.

Gung Fu is a centering philosophy as I immerse myself in the art of sound design. It provides a thematic impetus and gives this research blog movement.

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Resources, Reading & Most recent

I have collected a range of stellar books and online resources about game audio and sound design, and the list grew too large for this tab. References and resources about Foley, DPS, building a sound library from scratch, Maths, and Audio Communities can be found here - Additional Resources .

Project Writeups


  • Waveforms
  • Signal Processing
  • Maths
  • Shannon-nyqist and aliasing
    Bit Depth, Sample Rate
    Fast Fourier Transform -


  • Experiments
  • - EM Banana Synth
    - EM Banana Synth recreated
  • Hydrasynth
  • - Patch Recipe - Funky Church Organ
    - Vocal Formants

Art, History, Misc. Documentation

Foley & Field Recording

DAWs, Plugins, Software

[Coming Soon] Reaper, Ableton, Bitwig, VCV, Pure Data, Keykit, Trackers, Live Coding, M4L/Max for Live.

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Author's note: This blog jumps between an array of audio subjects, see social media for recent updates. This is a long term project and right now it surely shows no signs of slowing!