An original soundtrack & sound design for the video game Space Junkies

Jun 16, 2021

Playable in browser:
Cover & Game Art by Sketch Matters:
Game Design Document: drive link

The music for the game Space Junkies is composed of four ambient and melodic loops and four interchangeable rhythm loops.

The two sets of 4 loops progress from [1] Space Ambient peaceful, to [2] hungry, [3] irritated, and [4] Alien Rage intense and correspond to the mood state of your alien pal for the game. These were then mixed in a master track which transitions between the audio states for out of game listening. I especially like the dramatic transition between 2:40-2:50, in the full mix above.

The in-game audio is also sprinkled with harmonizing ambient sound additions (e.g. synth sweeps) and sound effects (e.g. satellite bleeps) triggered by events and at random intervals. Each music loop was constructed to be layered with all four rhythm loops and present smooth shifts between dynamic audio cues for the rapidly changing mood state of your fickle in-game alien buddy. The tracks were primarily constructed using an ASM Hydrasynth along with electric guitar.

A mix of Foley recording (like an isobutane camp stove for the sound of rocket thrust) and synthesizer source were used to develop a peaceful, spacey Sfx sound palette.


Game Description:
You are a Space Junk Defender. Your job is to defend Earth from the various space debris falling towards it. To get the job done, you have entered into a partnership with an Alien space engine. In return for feeding it, the Alien powers your ship's systems and functions. Just make sure you remember to feed it! The Alien will take control of your ship if it gets hungry enough. Make sure you feed your buddy, or it might make things difficult!