Donuts and Game Design - Audio Adventures

Aug 28, 2021

Adventures in Game Design bottom up, blasting from a Sound Designer's headphones.  Pt 1. Full updates on the dedicated Game Page.

Earlier this year, I attended a conference with hundreds of programmers, designers, composers, and my take away was that I was more than ready to do it.

Having connected with skilled and passionate devs on previous short term projects, I decided to get the band back together with an all-star crew. And what we have come up with is nothing short of fantastic. We're talking Cthulhu meets Doctor Who and Dorothy in a 60s Donutshop Diner. As the project's lead, I believe in fostering cross-collaboration and integrated departments for development.

Welcome To The Donutshop is a game that challenges players to consider the ripples of their decisions. Out team spans 17 driven devs, and with a due date of March 2022 we have much work to do.

You can keep track of developments on our Game Page, or Game Page's wiki [coming soon], and through this blog series, as I explore the process from the chair of a synthesist in Sound Design. 🛰️ ☄️ ✌️

Concept Art by Cody Schroeder -

Game Design overview by Nick Sceusa -