Pots and Pans and Catamarans

Foley Apr 11, 2023

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Day 2/5 Project Notes for a sound design competition hosted by Aftertouch Audio to create sound for an intense hellscape. At the time of writing this, I just finished editing Foley for a clattering plate and chain/leathery armored knight who descends stone steps in a stone courtyard (draft video below).

Gittarackur from HunterHunter

For a base layer, I recorded a cast iron pan nested in a stainless steel pan with some silverware jammed between, and a hand towel to pad the clattery rig. This provided a solid foundation which I built up with additional textures.

Small squares of chain mail are sold as kitchen scrubbing tools; these are far better than steel wool for cleaning, but these really shine as Foley props. I then added sounds from twisting cabbage leaves and a faux leather purse for a bit added detail.

A Sprinkle of R-Bass MSG

Day 2: source from a thunderstorm to help form the giants' footsteps with a dash of R-bass, saturation, and pitch shifting in Ableton.

I am realizing that this competition needs an incredible range of sounds and that recording and processing original Foley, writing these posts, along with some other project deadlines is too much. I need to reassess my goals.

Reassessed Goals:

  1. Use only homemade sounds and complete a full draft of the project on time (update: success!).
  2. Spatialize and polish before submitting (success! – kind of, day 4).
  3. Write four blog posts, with cleaning and posting to come some time after submitting the project.

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