October Horrorscapes & Competitions

Oct 11, 2022

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Earlier this month, I learned Aftertouch Audio is hosting a sound design competition for an intense hellscape battle scene. This is great timing because I have been wanting to create a spooky Halloweeny soundscape this Autumn; the project gives me an opportunity to do just that as a focused audio sprint.

This is a side project in addition to other deadlines. I have a little over a week to complete original audio for a 1:30 trailer segment from: 'The Lords Of The Fallen' (2023), Publisher: CI GAMES S.A.; Developer: HEXWORKS.

This blog series functions my notes for the project.

For this project, I am running with Ableton. My intention is to use this in upcoming Reaper DAW comparison post.


  1. Use only new homemade sounds/recordings/synthesis and complete a draft of the project by Friday (5 days).
  2. Polish and hone key sections before submitting.
  3. Write one blog post every day.

Day 1. I want to put together a rough layout of the soundscape with placeholders (embed below).

Begin Notes

Step 1. I need to chunk this clip and identify primary scenes, narrative flow and beats to highlight.

Cues, Beats, Scenes - bolded when placeholders are set.

  • Intro Spell
    • Floating Summoner
    • Roof Explosion
  • Giants, Scope change
    • Fire Flare /w Lumbering
    • Distant Ambient; portals, structure fire
  • Cabin Battle
    • Skele Growl-Bark
    • Armor emphasis
    • Spell
  • Courtyard to Downstairs
    • Metal Armor
    • Dusty Ghoul Stomp & Wind
  • Upper Courtyard
    • Major Highlight: Light Spell
  • Boss Battle
  • Fall
  • Butterflies
  • End Scene

Audio Link: https://soundcloud.com/dematerialised_identities/sets/oct-2022-horrorscape-lords-of?si=72ebbaa3b0464132a618d68292a753dc&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing