A synthesizer trio tapping into the Sonic Manifestations of our Eternal Dreams.

Harnessing VCOs and processing data, we explore new worlds of sound in the digital-analog audio frontier. Sometimes the space is pleasant, other times challenging but always the exploration is worth the journey.

As we make our way towards the Necropolis, we gravitate towards Synthesizers (Modular, Semi-modular, and Soft), and Experimental Electronics (banana synth 2.0 article coming soon).

Embracing philosophies by Moroder, we feel that 'once you free your mind about music being correct, you can do whatever you want'. We're not above wiring up EM active banana-synths nor contact miking faucets and folderol. We quite literally throw everything and the kitchen sink into fx chains and processing algorithms.

Members of the Colorado Modular Synth Society and The Rocky Mountain Synth Meet, our table is broad and we welcome you to stay awhile and listen ✌
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Upcoming Albums:

  • Gravity and Grit and tales of Rocket Science remind us of our place among the stars. A journey which stands on the shoulders of giants and encapsulates the exit velocity of science and human experience.

  • Towards the horizon our eyes are set; sail and hear the tale of the Ghost Ship of 1482.
    A merchant vessel lost to the blue.

Solo & Collaborative Playlists

                                Space Ambient


                                Rhythmic Electronic

                                WTTDS: demo space

                              Fear and Anxiety

                              Tranquility & Peace

                              Mars, The Red Planet (modular synth)

                              Misc. Rotation